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The Future of Transportation Real Estate

FINAL MILE, or LAST MILE, distribution is the fastest growing part of the distribution chain. Fueled by the explosion of e-commerce and internet shopping, vast fulfillment centers pick and pack small packages, whisking them away on conveyors and loading them into vans for home delivery.

But what happens to oversized items that don’t fit this model? What if you are shipping furniture, appliances, electronics, or construction supplies that are too big, heavy, awkward to fit on a conveyor belt or into a step van? These non-conveyable items, sometimes called “heavy-bulky”, often need white glove treatment and require special handling, training, and, most importantly, specialized facilities to expedite their delivery.

Burr & Temkin has been the go-to resource for many top transportation providers and retailers when it comes to final mile real estate. With over a decade of experience providing final mile solutions, we understand the complex markets and specific characteristics of the ideal final mile facility. Whether it’s a warehouse with twice the average door count and ancillary parking, a wide cross-dock, or modifications to an existing building to provide that crucial facility in a hot market, Burr & Temkin will uncover the ideal solution.

Interested in finding out more? Call your local Burr & Temkin rep, as every partner is highly experienced in this segment of the transportation supply chain.