Burr & Temkin is uniquely qualified to sell or lease your real estate assets or locate that perfect site for your new development.

With over 35 years of transportation industry knowledge, specialized real estate market expertise and targeted marketing, we create strategic and efficient sale, lease, and build-to-suit transactions. With national coverage and regional service, we are highly responsive to our clients. .

Burr & Temkin understands many of the complex needs of the transportation and logistics industries. We specialize in transportation properties and are well versed in the specific and variable requirements of facilities and sites needed to operate your transportation related business.

Our regional market knowledge and our ability to familiarize ourselves with each clients’ unique business needs generate timely, reliable market assessments. We utilize a variety of sources, including our network of transportation property executives, to locate suitable properties. In addition, Burr & Temkin assists clients and their attorneys throughout the negotiation and due diligence processes.

In markets without suitable existing facilities, Burr & Temkin has extensive experience performing site selection searches of raw land or even converting developed facilities to meet your needs. Our brokers are experienced in navigating and researching various entitlement issues including: land use, zoning, access, utilities, development restrictions, pricing and ease of working with various jurisdictions. We conduct projects anonymously on a client’s behalf, or by finding an investor to buy the completed project on favorable lease terms to you.

On the disposition side, we provide reliable market information and comprehensive marketing campaigns to lease or sell our clients’ properties. Our marketing strategy includes national and regional direct and electronic mailings to audiences including; state economic development agencies, industrial brokers, alternative users, investors and our network of transportation company executives.

We market our listings to regional and national markets. At a regional and statewide level, we advertise in regional publications, state trucking association newsletters and trade magazines. At a national level, we promote our properties through several national multiple listing services which attract alternate users, traditional transportation users and investors. We also utilize our website for listings and; in fact, this tool has become a common "destination" for many transportation executives looking to purchase or lease a property.

We are dedicated to your success.

Featured Project

Sometimes, Burr & Temkin has the privilege of providing both lease and sale support to a single client. In 2017, a private investment group and Burr & Temkin client for nearly 3 decades contacted our team to sell their LA metro distribution facility. We had initially represented the owners in the lease negotiations on this property and were very familiar with the market and property as a whole. The owners’ goal, like many owners’, was to make a high return on their investment in the shortest time.

To produce top results, the selling team of Jim Kemmerer, Gabe Temkin, Mark Gibbs, and Andrew Gibbs combined to develop a marketing and negotiation strategy. Their ultimate plan involved exposing the property through a range of media outlets, hosting multiple property showings, and hosting multiple offering and negotiation rounds.

The brokers’ strategy paid off as the property ultimately went through a series of offering rounds, producing an initial batch of 20 written offers. After further negotiations, Burr & Temkin received offers from 8, highly qualified buys who competitively bid the final sale price to a record breaking $300,000 “per door” price with an imputed <4% cap rate. Our team’s extensive market and product knowledge, coupled with their excellent marketing and negotiation skills, resulted in this record-breaking sale.

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