Burr & Temkin continually refines and expands its brokerage services to meet the evolving needs of its clients and the market.

From the single property real estate investor to the national pension fund with nearly 100 properties, our clients have relied on Burr & Temkin’s expertise to assist them in achieving of their real estate goals. Burr & Temkin’s 100 years of combined experience, spanning a wide variety of real estate issues involving transportation related real estate as well as projects outside of transportation make us a knowledgeable resource for consulting with clients on a variety of topics, lending our expertise and helping individuals and corporations make key decisions.

Our extensive experience includes developing shopping centers, mobile home parks, and industrial parks. We’ve also assisted with less common real estate activities like creating free trade zones, urban land assemblages, and resolving condemnation issues or assisting families with long term planning and management of a real estate portfolio.

Before restructuring its portfolio, a major pension fund called on Burr & Temkin for advice on their transportation real estate portfolio. Burr & Temkin researched all the various real estate markets included in their portfolio as well as details on the properties within the portfolio. Within a short time, we delivered a comprehensive report detailing the business and real estate outlook of their investments. Additionally, each property overview included market details specific to the transportation real estate sector and recommended sale prices.

The client valued Burr & Temkin’s quality research and perspective so much that after reviewing our recommendations, they hired us to market and sell 13 of the properties that no longer fit their investment goals.

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